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Tactile Travels to Athens, OH

“Where,” you may ask? “Athens, Greece? Athens, Georgia?” Actually, it’s Athens, Ohio, home of the biennial Quilt National , home of Ohio University, a lovely county seat perched on the edge of the Hocking River, just a stone’s throw from West Virginia. Daydreams of visiting the juried art quilt exhibit wafted into my consciousness every other […]

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Jazz Brunch Cruise of Salem Harbor

Daylight. Warmth. Shaking it up! That’s what summer’s all about. In my case, water reigns as an essential summer element. So when Mahi Cruises sent out a discount coupon for a Sunday brunch cruise as the first rays of summer pierced my still chilled bones, you bet we jumped! I’m sitting on the upper deck […]

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Saturday Spring Stroll in Milan

Tactile Travels Milano shopping

As a long weekend looms over Europe (and Massachusetts!), getting out of Dodge seems so enticing. Whether you’re traveling around the globe or to the end of the commuter rail line, shake it up this weekend. It’s a wonderful time to remove those hibernation cobwebs. Saturday afternoon strolls are an institution throughout Italy. Last Saturday […]

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Road Trip: New York City Garment District

Alanna Nelson visits Manhattan's Garment District

As one who loves to sew, modify and customize her wardrobe, my years near Milan were fantastically fun and inspiring. Italian shop windows tickled my senses. Creative dressers of all ages strutted, strolled and sped down streets. Factory outlet stores in Milan’s hinterland enabled me to purchase fabrics otherwise prohibitively expensive. My beloved Fumagalli Tessuti in […]

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SIMPLi5: Traveler’s Great iPhone Case

watch videos on iPhones with SIMPLcase

Synchronicity, serendipity and twitter led me to the SIMPLcase Kickstarter project. Designed by the experienced duo at LGCL Designs, SIMPLcase recognizes that international travelers need their cell phone case to do more than protect their phone.  The slim, feather light case holds up to 3 SIM cards and a cool tool to help you switch […]

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August is for Vacation

I felt the first twinges with the meteor showers of San Lorenzo (le notte di San Lorenzo) last weekend. Glorious nights, sunny days, Italian traffic reports of mile long blockages means the last exodus for the ferragosto holiday had begun. Facebook posts of sand castles, fun drinks, beautiful sunsets are signals that Italy unplugs from […]

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Rolling around Vermont

Camping, kayaking, and college visits framed my all American Independence Day celebration. As I rolled around Vermont with my family last week, nature and human creativity renewed appreciation of my own “back yard.”  This quote, discovered at the National Gallery a while back, states my belief in my country. There are undoubtedly readers who may […]

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Knit, Sew, Go to NOLA

IMHO, Tactile Travel tours did a great job of showing people the textile side of life.  Of course, we ate and drank well, we traveled off the beaten track. In my mind, the vendors, museums and artisans who work with yarn, fabric and fiber gave Tactile Travel tours an experience that was difficult to achieve […]

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A Sip of New Orleans

Kicking back with a cranberry spritzer, attempting to detox and warm up back in New England’s chilly spring, I  realize that my NOLA sejour yielded a comparative analysis of Bloody Marys and a magnificent trove of textile finds.  Not bad for 4 days!  My pre trip planning paid off. Wandering aimlessly the first night, my hub, sister […]

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Thinking Textiles in the Big Easy

I’m a ‘heading on down… To New Orleans… (Ok, pretend you’re strumming, I’m singing and tapping)… Thinking of textiles… Not jambalaya or blues… Though I want that too. And so began trip planning for a surprise long weekend, hoisted upon me (with great resistance, you can imagine) by a husband’s conference and a sister-in-law’s desire […]

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