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March 8, International People Day

If you’re female, drop in at your Italian neighborhood bar for an espresso today, March 8 and your barista just may garnish your saucer with a sprig of mimosa blossoms. It’s just one of the traditional gestures used to celebrate International Women’s Day. Kind greetings, bouquets and dinners out with your female family and friends mark this […]

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Silk and Emilio Pucci Exhibit

Emilio Pucci’s love of color  warms my heart. But I really knew very little about the designer and his legacy. So what a delight to view his early work in a beautifully curated exhibit in Como. Knowing only his large scale energetic prints, a guided tour provided by Giorgio, (an alum of Como’s Silk School) at […]

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Saturday Spring Stroll in Milan

Tactile Travels Milano shopping

As a long weekend looms over Europe (and Massachusetts!), getting out of Dodge seems so enticing. Whether you’re traveling around the globe or to the end of the commuter rail line, shake it up this weekend. It’s a wonderful time to remove those hibernation cobwebs. Saturday afternoon strolls are an institution throughout Italy. Last Saturday […]

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What Rome taught me about cold winters

Tactile Travels to Italy street markets

As a hardy native of the American Midwest, sub zero temperatures are nothing new to me. While never considering it unusual, I’ve huddled near the heat vent when my poorly insulated childhood home struggled to top 62F. felt icicles form inside my nostrils, gasping as cold air sucks moisture from my body. brought my car […]

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Weaving Velvet in Florence: Fondazione Lisio

I posted this on my Google + page a while back and just realized I never shared it here! You weavers know how much work it is to set up a loom. This video is magnificent. The Fondazione Lisio is one of the premier sources of Italian textile history and skill building. Enjoy!

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Florence: Searching for textiles, Part 1

Textile lovers flock to Florence, fully aware that weaving, embroidery, silk, trims and tassels played a large part of the city’s economic and cultural history.  Step off the train and this heritage may not be obvious.  Cheap souvenirs and t shirts made in China flood many of the small shops in the historic center. Window […]

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In which I profess my greatest fear

Tactile Travel Italian exploration

Today, the day in which Juventus squashed Napoli 3 – 0,  I admit a growing fear: I might become an Italian old lady or signora vecchia. You probably don’t catch the connection… sorry. One of Juve’s nicknames is vecchia signora. A long time ago, the leadership of this historic soccer team was dominated by older players. […]

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Slow Food Cheese Festival, 2013

Tactile Travels to Piemonte Cheese

Just like Winnie the Pooh’s “land of milk and honey”, the Biennial Slow Food Cheese Festival twinkles in my mind, a mystical village that I’ve heard about but have yet to reach. The village will come to life soon, as the next Cheese is set for September 20 – 23, 2013. Imagine cheeses from around the […]

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August is for Vacation

I felt the first twinges with the meteor showers of San Lorenzo (le notte di San Lorenzo) last weekend. Glorious nights, sunny days, Italian traffic reports of mile long blockages means the last exodus for the ferragosto holiday had begun. Facebook posts of sand castles, fun drinks, beautiful sunsets are signals that Italy unplugs from […]

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Palazzo Madama Meets Crowd funding Goal!

They did it! The first Palazzo Madama crowd funding attempt met with great success. As I reported earlier, they hoped to gather 80,000 Euros to purchase, transport and display an 18th Century tea set that once belonged to a historic Piedmontese family.  Exceeding the goal by nearly 10,000 Euros, the City of Turin must be […]

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