March 8, International People Day

Spring Flowers MimosaIf you’re female, drop in at your Italian neighborhood bar for an espresso today, March 8 and your barista just may garnish your saucer with a sprig of mimosa blossoms. It’s just one of the traditional gestures used to celebrate International Women’s Day.

Kind greetings, bouquets and dinners out with your female family and friends mark this early spring celebration. You may even eat mimosa cake (love this Italian male perspective on international women’s day along with a recipe!).

On March 9, this all ends. I  must admit, Italian society’s attitudes toward women are changing… a lot. The news spoof program Stricia la Notizie has both dancing women and men on the stage. But the voyage is still long, for example.

I wish there was an international people’s day. A day when we give a special greeting to everyone who works hard, tries to keep life in balance. A day when everyone can participate equally in society, in the work place, at home. A day when we all benefit according to the energy each of us contributes.

The He for She movement is a good step in that direction.

Cin Cin  to all of you working toward a better world, male or female.


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